Events / MEAM Seminar: “Examples of Elasto-Capillary Mediated Interactions on Thin Elastic Film” (Manoj K. Chaudhury)

MEAM Seminar: “Examples of Elasto-Capillary Mediated Interactions on Thin Elastic Film” (Manoj K. Chaudhury)

July 11, 2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Levine 307

Abstract: I plan to tell two short stories. The first story is about a new drop fluidics that uses a deformable and stretchable elastomeric film as the platform. Such a soft film decorated with magnetic particles can be deformed locally with an external magnetic field. When these deformations are coupled with capillary force, small liquid drops can be moved over the platform over long distances efficiently and accurately. The resulting drop fluidics could be suitable for the digital control of drop motion by simply switching on and off the local magnetic fields applied at different positions underneath the elastomeric film in a Boolean sequence.

The second story is about the interaction of two beads on the surface of a thin elastic film supported on a pool of liquid. Here, the excess energy of the surface due to the curvature of the stretched film induces attraction of the beads. It is found that the hysteresis of adhesion between the beads and the elastic film retard the motion of the objects, which, however, can be reduced by introducing a thin hydrogel layer atop the elastic film. Morphological instabilities in the gel create corrugated paths to the motion, thus causing the particles to aggregate along the patterns thus developed. These observations suggest that a deformable elastic film affords an effective model system to study elasticity and mediated interaction of particles on its surface.

Speaker profile: After completing his PhD in chemical engineering (University of Buffalo), Manoj K. Chaudhury joined Dow Corning Corporation in 1984, where he conducted research on the adhesion and surface science. He joined Lehigh University in 1993, where he is currently the Franklin J. Howes Jr. distinguished professor of the P. C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. At Lehigh University, he carried out research on various aspects of adhesion, wetting, tribology and emulsions. He has supervised about two dozen Ph.D. students and a dozen postdoctoral fellows, who occupy positions in academia, industry, and government laboratories. At Lehigh University, he also served as the director of the NSF-sponsored Research Center of Polymer Interfaces from 1996 to 2004. He currently serves the Journal Langmuir as a senior editor.