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Grad Students in the lab

The Center welcomes prospective graduate students and postdocs. Interested prospective graduate students must apply to departments, not directly to the center, but are free to work with faculty in other departments. Each department has a “graduate group” of faculty who can work with graduate students in that department. The graduate group includes faculty from other departments, and it is straightforward to add faculty who are not already members of the graduate group. All graduate students working with center faculty are encouraged to participate in Center activities to benefit further from the rich intellectual and collaborative atmosphere fostered by the Center.

grad students in the labAny prospective postdoc interested in applying to the center as an SLM Postdoctoral Fellow should submit a cover letter and CV to Please indicate in your cover letter whether you are interested in experimental, computational or theoretical research and name the faculty with whom you are most interested in working so that your application can be forwarded properly. All postdocs working with center faculty are encouraged to participate in Center activities. However, SLM Postdoctoral Fellows have the added benefit of being able to work freely with more than one faculty member in the center without needing to worry about funding. This flexibility makes for an even deeper and broader postdoctoral experience and potentially opens up opportunities later for positions in more fields of research.