I use active learning techniques and inclusive philosophies to guide my students towards a deeper understanding of concepts. My philosophy, sample resources, and course evaluations can be found here.

Instructor of Record

Spring 2024-MATH 1410 Multivariable Calculus

Fall 2023-MATH 3600 Advanced Calculus

Fall 2022 – MA 107 Precalculus

Spring 2022 – MA 225 Foundations of Advanced Mathematics

In this course, we learn how to write proofs while exploring topics related to logic, functions, number theory, and equivalence relations. In class, my students learned these concepts through group work and class discussions. I let their curiosities and questions help guide our learning.

Fall 2020 – MA 241 Calculus II

Fall 2019 – MA 242 – Multivariable Calculus

Recitation Leader

Spring 2018 – MA 242 – Calculus III

Fall 2017 – MA 141 – Calculus I

Sample Resources

In my Calculus 1 recitations, we used a worksheet to review conic sections from pre-calculus. This worksheet was meant to take information learned in class and synthesize it into two pages so the students could observe the similarities and differences between the types of conic sections. In other recitations, we spent our time working on concrete examples. Sometimes this was done with group work. Other times, we did this using an online quiz game called Kahoot. Here is an example of a quiz we went through as a class. The students had time to answer the question. I then received immediate feedback about the percentage of students who answered correctly. This helped guide me in leading a class discussion about how we got the correct example and what common mistakes may have been before moving on to the next question.

While writing final exams, I try to focus on comprehensive questions that require skills learned from throughout the entire course. For example, on my Calculus 3 exam, I wrote a few questions utilizing the three big theorems studied at the end of the course: Green’s theorem, Stokes’ theorem, and Divergence theorem. Working with these three theorems requires the students to utilize many of the concepts learned previously in the course. In this way, they also serve as a great review for the course. Therefore, I made sure to pace my class in a way where we would have ample time for the students to understand and practice using these three theorems.

When teaching proof based courses, I think it is very important for students to have some guidance in class, but to also be active in the learning and discovery of the proofs. Therefore, I like to create worksheets to help guide these discussions. Here is a worksheet I created for the students to learn about Extreme Value Theorem, different types of Theorems, and Mean Value Theorem in the Advanced Calculus class I taught. The students worked in groups to answer the questions and we had summarizing discussions when necessary.


I have tutored students in the following areas:

Differential Equations

Introductory Statistics

Calculus III

Calculus II

AP Calculus


High School Geometry

High School Algebra

GRE General Test Preparation

ASVAB Military Entrance Exam Preparation