Social Interaction and Theory:
A Conference in Honor of Professor Randall Collins

April 7-8, 2016
University of Pennsylvania
Hall of Flags, Houston Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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The Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania is proud to host, “Social Interaction and Theory: A Conference in Honor of Professor Randall Collins.” We will honor the retirement of Professor Randall Collins and discuss topics such as discrimination, stratification, violence, cultural theory, and micro-sociology.

The conference is co-organized by Professor Annette Lareau, Stanley I. Sheerr Term Professor in the Social Sciences and Professor and Sociology Department Chair Emilio A. Parrado.


  • Elijah Anderson, Yale University: “Police Violence and the Iconic Ghetto”

  • Donald Black, University of Virginia: “Violence and Moral Time”

  • Philippe Bourgois, University of California – Los Angeles: “The Concrete Killing Fields of Philadelphia: Ethnographic Accounts of Forward Panics, Ritual Chains and the Political Economy of the Puerto Rican Colonial Diaspora”

  • Randall Collins, University of Pennsylvania: “What Has Micro-Sociology Accomplished?”

  • Paul DiMaggio, New York University: “Interaction Ritual Chains On-Line”

  • David Gibson, Notre Dame: “Talking about the Enemy: Emotions, World views, and Power in the Generation of Violence”

  • Alice Goffman, University of Wisconsin – Madison: “Catalytic Situations”

  • Michèle Lamont, Harvard University: “Getting Respect and Randall Collins’ Intellectual Legacy: The Micro Foundations of Cultural Processes of Inequality”

  • Simone Polillo, University of Virginia: “Creative networks and the determinants of Intellectual Recognition”

  • Meredith Rossner, London School of Economics & Political Science: “Rituals of empowerment in criminal justice”

  • Erika Summers-Effler and Justin Van Ness, Notre Dame: “An Interaction Ritual Approach for Involvement”

  • Jonathan Turner, University of California – Santa Barbara: “The Strength of a Weak Program, and the Weakness of a Strong Program, in Cultural Analysis.”

  • Viviana Zelizer, Princeton University and Lauren Gaydosh, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: “College Circuits: A Case of Situational Stratification?”

Photo credit: Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University