Exploring Your Surroundings

Imagine a large, multi-year project that your work group has just begun pursuing.  This effort has large implications on the organization and its future going forward, while representing a paradigm shift in the way you and your team conducts business.  What does this long-term effort actually look like in the thoughts and minds of those tasked to carry this out?  Where do inconsistencies exist between those managing the project?  Perhaps more importantly, how can you make sense of it all, and amalgamate disparate notions into a cohesive story and vision for a project still in its inception?

This concept above represents what I consider to be my favorite paper I’ve authored in the Organizational Dynamics program so far, written specifically for one of Janet Greco’s classes.  Not only does the Organizational Dynamics program afford you an opportunity to closely examine the words and actions of your organization and others, but you also become armed with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the arduous challenges and tasks organizations face, day in, day out.

As a current student approximately midway through the program, I’ve had the pleasure of engaging in several organizational explorations like this through my coursework, and do not doubt the possibility of another Dynamics paper or project claiming the favorite spot at some point in the near future.  Every day, I learn something new about my own working style, my coworkers, and my organization overall; the Organizational Dynamics program is the vehicle that allows me to do this.

– Andrew Saraceni