My journey in the MSOD program began in 2004, exactly 20 years after earning my Bachelor’s degree. I was introduced to the program by a colleague who had already graduated. After leading a very successful radical change in my product development organization, I was really interested in getting the theory to understand what had just happened. Unexpectedly, the program changed my life and career. Over a 5-year period, I went through this program and discovered more about myself, leading me to the path I needed to take. I went through 3 career changes during the program, eventually starting my own consulting practice and just loving what I’m doing now. The professors, the courses, the content, and the interaction with so many people all pursuing a common area of knowledge was just incredible. With each course, I grew more curious, and became addicted to learning! Today, my consulting practice is 11 years old, and I am now pursuing my Doctorate in Strategic Leadership. I know I will continue this commitment to lifetime learning not only to drive my own growth, but more importantly, to teach my children and grandchildren the value of education at any age.

– Bob Schatz