30 Years in the Organizational Dynamics Community

I have been part of Organizational Dynamics since I arrived at Penn in 1986, working with Russ Ackoff at Wharton.  Nancy Bauer recruited me as an instructor as soon as I arrived at Penn. For 30 years I have seen one hero after another launch into the world from Organizational Dynamics.  I am talking about heroes, real heroes, not super heroes with fictional superpowers.  The Dynamics Heroes are real people with real powers.  They are talented individuals when they arrive.  While in the Organizational Dynamics Program these individuals learn how to use frames and power. They become leaders and change agents. What makes them heroes is the ability and willingness to act, to intervene, to engage.  In the face of crisis and challenge, they don’t simply react; they respond in effective, productive ways.  They use their abilities to make the people they work with better, to make their organizations better, and to make the world a better place … and there is much work to be done to make the world a better place.  Onward!

– Alan Barstow