Organizational Dynamics Can Be Transformational

Organizational Dynamics was a transformational experience for me. Prior to enrolling in the program, I had naturally thought about how there is generally more complexity behind good decisions and sustainable strategies than many people around me cared to admit or acknowledge. But these thoughts and perspectives simply floated around in my mind as questions for years because nothing in my environment gave any structure or clarity to my thought patterns.

Organizational Dynamics felt like an awakening because, for the first time, scholarly rigor and structure was finally being applied to my natural approach to thinking, navigating and problem-solving. Instilling the notion that seemingly disparate fields can legitimately connect through a systems lens to drive innovation and superior strategies was a revelation for me: I no longer felt isolated, and I could finally build a foundation around my approach to thinking instead of continually questioning it.

The program gave me the concepts, structures, scholarly integrity, and real-world evidence that showed me that my preferred approach was not merely different…but valuable. It gave me the confidence to embrace my orientation of thought and has allowed me to make more substantial and meaningful progress and change as a result.

– Jon Deutsch