The Secret Decoder Ring for Changemakers

Have you ever wished you had a secret decoder ring to help you navigate the complexities of organizations? A superpower to help you address the issues that emerge wherever people and processes intersect, especially during times of uncertainty? Shortly after graduating from the Organizational Dynamics program, I was navigating an interdepartmental mess, and key players kept changing. The outcome of this politically-charged change was something that dealt with the public and would have a significant impact on people’s lives. It had to be handled well, and it had to be handled quickly, which is always a difficult combination.  During this time, my boss accused me of having a secret decoder ring. She couldn’t figure out how I was able to get everyone working off the same page. The secret is simple. This situation, like many others, required me to Lead from the Middle. So, I picked up the phone and called Dr. Martin Stankard to run the situation by him. My true power lies in the confidence of being backed by a solid network of people willing to share their experience. When faced with a complex issue, I reach out to the OD network for guidance. That’s my real superpower.

– Erica Wexler