Exciting New Learning Experiences Create the Confidence to Attempt New Opportunities

I had a rewarding and exciting career in sales and marketing in the information technology sector, primarily with the IBM Corporation. While working I earned a MA from Villanova University and an MBA from Penn State University, and I enjoyed lifelong learning.  An IBM co-worker raved about his experiences in the MSOD program at Penn. It aroused my curiosity, I applied and it turned out to be a great decision.

My experiences in the Organizational Dynamics Program exceeded all my expectations. I loved the experience of dining with my classmates and professors before each class. The life experiences and education of my classmates and the knowledge of the professors opened up new and exciting insights.

As a result of my experiences in the program, I was motivated to attempt a career as an instructor in higher education. I was hired as an adjunct professor in 2007 and am currently on adjunct faculties with several Philadelphia area colleges and universities. Teaching has also turned out to be a very rewarding career. It has allowed me to give back, learn and help develop young men and women. I would probably never have tried teaching if I had not had the privilege of the Penn MSOD experience.

– Tom Strickland