Foundation for Personal and Professional Life

Organizational Dynamics has provided an essential foundation for my personal and professional life. While nearly every course was an amazing experience, two standout above all: Business Growth Strategies, taught by Eric van Merkensteijn, and Organizational Experience: Self, Roles and Expectations, taught by Jim Larkin.

Running my own firm now as a business coach and consultant, I rely on many of the analytical strategies taught by Eric. He had a unique way of teaching students to look and businesses to figure out what changes within the organization or within its business practices would be instrumental in growing the business. Because of what I learned in this course and in others, I am able to work in the perfect profession for me.

In Self, Roles and Expectations, Jim Larkin challenged us to think about who we are, what the various roles we hold in life – for our clients, our coworkers and our loved ones – and what we and others expect of us. I took that class in 2007, and to this day I reflect on who I am, what roles I play and what people expect of me. It is reflection well invested. Not only do I do this for myself, but I also encourage business leaders I coach to the same thing. Results for me and my clients are profound.

I, like many, owe a debt of gratitude to Organizational Dynamics, as the program has helped shaped me personally and professionally.

– Chuck Hall