Swimming Abroad

It was the first day of my Perspectives on Organizational Dynamics class, and I was a little nervous since this was my first graduate course in the U.S. I can compare my feelings that day to the feelings I had when I was a child learning to swim. I took a seat in front of Dr. Greco. She looked at me and said, “hola.” Spanish is my native language, and this was a big welcome for me. I immediately felt incorporated and comfortable in this new environment.

Since that moment, I have felt that my exploration in these new waters has been a learning experience about me and others. I have been able to recognize my own thinking structure, my brain preferences, and “the why” of my past decisions as a manager. Now, I am able to see organizations from many different perspectives. Can the blind lead the blind? As a manager, if am I incapable of predicting what is coming, where am I leading the organization? These are a few questions I asked myself during this course, and they challenged me. I believe this class has enhanced my observations in order to lead with vision.

– Pablo Leal