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Still shot from video essay. Eclipse By Millie Huang   This video essay by Millie Huang was created for CLST 143, "Great Books of Ancient Gr (More)
The Discobolus of Qin
The Discobolus of Qin 秦 By: Millie Huang   The Discobolus of Qin (links to external file) is a multimedia piece by Chinese-Canadian Millie Hu (More)
Athens: Cruel Imperial Power or Falsely Maligned?
Photo: Acropolis of Athens is a painting by Leo von Klenze Athens: Cruel Imperial Power or Falsely Maligned? An Analysis of Greek Perceptions of Athenian Hegemonic Behavior By: Andrew Liu   I. Introduction The Greek victory over the Pers (More)
Slaves in Free Spaces
Open Dimensions of Space, Socioeconomic Mobility, and Anxiety About Identity in Classical Athens By Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi   1. Introduction.   World history from antiquity to the present day has abounded with examples of classism a (More)
Discentes’ Spring 2021 Course Guide
Credit: Penn Admissions. Description: Class of 1893 Memorial Gate, University of Pennsylvania Campus. Discentes Course Reviews Our guide to Classical Studies and Ancient History course offerings this spring by Sara Chopra   With advance (More)
The City in Peace
The Shield of Achilles Iliad 18.490-508 by Stephen Jagoe   ἐν δὲ δύω ποίησε πόλεις μερόπων ἀνθρώπων καλάς. ἐν τῇ μέν ῥα γάμοι τ' ἔσαν εἰλαπίναι τε, νύμφας δ' ἐκ θαλάμω (More)
Statues that Speak
Source: Phidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends Statues that Speak 5th-Century Greek (More)