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A New Perspective
A few years ago I was looking for a graduate program to enhance my management skills in order to complement my job competencies in my current role as a financial decision-maker.  I was attempting to become an agent of change for my organization, movi (More)
My journey in the MSOD program began in 2004, exactly 20 years after earning my Bachelor’s degree. I was introduced to the program by a colleague who had already graduated. After leading a very successful radical change in my product development orga (More)
The Secret Decoder Ring for Changemakers
Have you ever wished you had a secret decoder ring to help you navigate the complexities of organizations? A superpower t (More)
Dynamics Duo - Adam and Tiffany and Penn's Organizational Dynamics Program
Here are some of the highlights we remember from our time in Penn's OD program. This video is in support of the Dynamics Stories Project. Every journey to a master's degree is different, but ours was made more fun in traveling together. - Adam Pre (More)
Foundation for Personal and Professional Life
Organizational Dynamics has provided an essential foundation for my personal and professional life. While nearly every course was an amazing experience, two standout above all: Business Growth Strategies, taught by Eric van Merkensteijn, and Organiza (More)
A Journey of Valuable Learning
I’ve learned over the years that people change.  When I left college, I was done with school. I had had enough!  Sixteen straight years of school was enough.  I had to get on with my life, stop learning and get a job.  Boy, did I have a lot to learn. (More)
My Experience at OD
Coming from the last corner in the world, over the huge mountains of the Andes and the cold water of the Pacific, the experience at Organizational Dynamics was a vital challenge for me, my family, my life and my career. As a person, my first chall (More)
Dynamics of Dynamics
Marking the 40th anniversary of Dynamics by exchanging stories in which each of our adult lives intersects with the ever-changing bigger economic and cultural systems. My story is emblematic of what it means to teach in Dynamics -  the mission to (More)
My Organizational Dynamics Journey
- Seth Rochlin (More)
Calling Things by Their Proper Names
Many years ago, I went to Rome for a short personal trip. Being a student of history, I was fascinated by seeing so much history around me. During my entire stay in Rome, I tried to walk around as much as I could. By the time I left the city, I was v (More)