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Antiquity’s Influence on Cutting-Edge Runway
Photo courtesy of Vogue By Anna Fighera Most accept classical influence as the sort which informs our present philosophical, political and legal fields. What would modern law, policy, and philosophy be without the guidance and inspiration of an (More)
From Theory to Simulation: The Dynamic Political Hierarchy in Country Virtualization Models
<![CDATA[ Ian Lustick, Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces, Alicia Ruvinsky This paper suggests that computer-assisted agent-based modeling has the ability to move beyond abstract representations of political problems to theoretically sound virtualiza (More)
VirThai: A PS-I Implemented Agent-Based Model of Thailand as a Predictive and Analytic Tool
Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces, Allen Hicken In this paper we report on the deployment of “VirThai,” a virtualization type agent-based model of contemporary Thailand, to produce predictions for events of political and policy interest over the cours (More)
Forecasting Political Futures For Thailand: Leveraging Social Science Theory in a Virtualization Model
Ian Lustick, Roy Eidelson, Matthew Tubin, Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces This poster was presented at "HSCB Focus 2011: Integrating Social Science Theory and Analyti (More)
No Bike, No Helmet, No Organizational Dynamics
It was a cool October morning when I biked from my home in Fairmount to Center City to attend a Human Resources group event.  Upon arrival at the Wanamaker Building, I locked my bicycle up just outside when I noticed another man had just locked his a (More)
A Cook’s Tour of My Organizational Dynamics Experience
My tour ends this spring with graduation. Looking back six years to when I started, I could never have predicted the growth, academically, professionally and personally, and I’ve never been as proud of any other 6 years. My tour began in the Sprin (More)