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How "Strong" are East Asian Families?
In the traditional East Asian family that we all imagine, we assume the nature of a strong family. We have been exposed to the concept of strong family ties within East Asian societies through learning historical Confucian perspectives. We even subco (More)
Have East Asian families changed?
Universal marriage and low divorce used to characterize family behavior in East Asia. A strong image attached to East Asian family is the minimal difference in family behavior across socioeconomic and demographic groups within a society. Confucian cu (More)
Growing Diversity in East Asia
East Asia, particularly Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, have long been perceived as having culturally homogenous populations, failing to recognize long-existing minority groups in both countries. Such perceptions of cultural homogeneity in East Asia must c (More)
Can’t East Asian Education Produce World-leading Students?
Today is Thanksgiving. I am sitting in the living room and my mom is making dinner in the kitchen. “I am glad that I sent my daughters to the United State (More)
Are East Asian Students Robots?
Elementary and secondary school students in East Asia, particularly in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan — are well known for their high ranks in international standardized tests for academic performance such as PISA (Programme for International Student (More)
Is ‘Shadow Education’ the Secret to East Asian Success?
Year after year, East Asian students rank the highest on international tests such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and the Progra (More)