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BLM x CLST: A Series of Interviews with the Faculty of Penn Classics — Part 2: Professors Kimberly Bowes and Sheila Murnaghan
Looking Back, Thinking Forward: what Black Lives Matter means in our own department and discipline   By Sara Chopra, Cate Simons, Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi   In the first interview of the More)
No Bike, No Helmet, No Organizational Dynamics
It was a cool October morning when I biked from my home in Fairmount to Center City to attend a Human Resources group event.  Upon arrival at the Wanamaker Building, I locked my bicycle up just outside when I noticed another man had just locked his a (More)
A New Perspective
A few years ago I was looking for a graduate program to enhance my management skills in order to complement my job competencies in my current role as a financial decision-maker.  I was attempting to become an agent of change for my organization, movi (More)
New Stories, New Self
Organizational Dynamics gave me a framework for being a consultant, but it also provided me with a deeper understanding of how we - people and organizations - are all “the stories we tell.” Through Janet Greco’s “Stories in Organizations” class, I ca (More)
Finding Passion: How an OD Course Surprised Me
I was halfway through the Organizational Dynamics program, and I was at a loss for what was next in my career. I was in a real rut. My path up to that point had been atypical, and it was tricky for anyone I consulted with to envision what could be ne (More)
Where Else?
Where else but in one of Janet’s classes can you use pen and paper (or Microsoft Word and a laptop) to transport yourself to a bar where you're sitting and  chatting with the god Zeus, the Titan Prometheus, the Ancient Greek poet Hesiod, the business (More)
Dynamics Duo - Adam and Tiffany and Penn's Organizational Dynamics Program
Here are some of the highlights we remember from our time in Penn's OD program. This video is in support of the Dynamics Stories Project. Every journey to a master's degree is different, but ours was made more fun in traveling together. - Adam Pre (More)
Exciting New Learning Experiences Create the Confidence to Attempt New Opportunities
I had a rewarding and exciting career in sales and marketing in the information technology sector, primarily with the IBM Corporation. While working I earned a MA from Villanova University and an MBA from Penn State University, and I enjoyed lifelong (More)
Foundation for Personal and Professional Life
Organizational Dynamics has provided an essential foundation for my personal and professional life. While nearly every course was an amazing experience, two standout above all: Business Growth Strategies, taught by Eric van Merkensteijn, and Organiza (More)
On the Shoulders of Giants
It is my great honor to share my story with our OD community. - Jack Sun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvGElMhCJeg   (More)
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