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Alert- New malicious software infecting Windows computers
Hello friends- Alert from SAS Computing below. We are actively monitoring faculty and staff computers on campus, but please contact us with any questions! Restart and update your computers, and please make sure everything is up to date. ------- (More)
How to Make a Secure Password
Hello folks, Password pop quiz! I know, it's hard to remember the ongoing strings of passwords we have to maintain, but remember, they are access into very important personal parts of your life! In the interest of keeping your passwords up to d (More)
New AirPennNet-Guest effective tomorrow, 4/27!
Good afternoon, We are writing to inform you that changes are coming to the AirPennNet-Guest wireless network on Thursday, April 27, 2017. The new system will streamline and improve registration, refresh aging infrastructure, and reduce or elimina (More)
Is email down? Checking System Status
Hello Folks, If ever there is a question of whether a service is down, feel free to check this site: https://www.sas.upenn.edu/computing/status It lists the status of all major services, (More)
AirPennNet-Guest Wireless Network - Upgrade Coming Soon!
News! AirPennNet-Guest is changing! Now we can simply connect guests with their email address. Note: Use of AirPennNet-Guest will need to be renewed weekly. Message from ISC below---------------------------- Greetings, We are writing to info (More)
When Onboarding a new hire of any kind at Penn. Payroll PennID (ask for Pennkey setup code) Pennkey Everything else Email Domain Access/Shares Allocation Computer VoIP Phone (More)