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“Canto Audentium” (I Sing of the Daring)
Dante’s 9 Circles of Hell Introduction After reading Dante’s Inferno in high school, I was inspired to write a descriptive piece that mimics his style of writing but presents a (More)
Turpis Fausta
Lesbia and her Sparrow, 1860, artist unknown Turpis Fausta by Lily Nesvold   ōdī Faustam tantum, quae (ēn!) habet ōs, sane, turpe. Flaccus dīligit illud monstrum, nescio quārē. taedet mē vītae cum spectō fēminam et illum. omnēs (More)
Blinded by Love
Lesbia and her Sparrow, by Sir Edward John Poynter Catullus 83 by Lily Nesvold   Lesbia mi praesente viro mala plurima dicit: haec illi fatuo maxima laetitia est. mule, nihil senti (More)
The Stages of Grief
Relief of a Roman funeral procession. The Stages of Grief through the Lens of Catullus 101 By Lily Nesvold   There i (More)
Acting Onstage and Off
Emperor Nero Chariot Racing. Credit: History Collection Acting Onstage and Off An Analysis of the Role Theatrical Performances Played in Nero’s Popularity By Lily Nesvold   I. (More)