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Acting Onstage and Off
Emperor Nero Chariot Racing. Credit: History Collection Acting Onstage and Off An Analysis of the Role Theatrical Performances Played in Nero’s Popularity By Lily Nesvold   I. (More)
Athens: Cruel Imperial Power or Falsely Maligned?
Photo: Acropolis of Athens is a painting by Leo von Klenze Athens: Cruel Imperial Power or Falsely Maligned? An Analysis of Greek Perceptions of Athenian Hegemonic Behavior By: Andrew Liu   I. Introduction The Greek victory over the Pe (More)
Statues that Speak
Source: Phidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends Statues that Speak 5th-Century Greek (More)
Constantine as Liberator
Photo Sources: Smart History Constantine as Liberator An Evaluation of the Self Representations of the Emperor through Eusebius’ Life of Constantine and the Arch of Constantine By Ja (More)
Two Approaches to Examining Slave Presence in the Plautine Audience
Perspective view of a Roman Amphitheatre Reviewing Brown and Richlin in Conjunction & Comparison By Sara J. Chopra   I. Background   To the people of ancient Rome, spectacle was an immense aspect of daily life. Whether it be c (More)
The Indo-European Hero
Photo Sources: Scoop Whoop A Comparative Study of the Aeneid and the Mahabharata By Kushal Modi   Introduction The cultures of Ancient Rome and Ancient India are descend (More)
Blood, Lead, and Tears: The Cult of Cybele as a Means of Addressing Ancient Roman Issues of Fertility
By Jordan Reece Tayeh Introduction Divinity has many faces in the Ancient Roman world, none more intriguing than the garland-wearing, lionhearted Phrygian mother-goddess Cybele. Whereas other Phrygian gods and goddesses were left behind, Cybele and (More)
Slaves in Free Spaces
Open Dimensions of Space, Socioeconomic Mobility, and Anxiety About Identity in Classical Athens By Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi   1. Introduction.   World history from antiquity to the present day has abounded with examples of classism a (More)
Sappho’s Shadow Reading Ovid’s Heroides 15 as Reconstruction
Reading Ovid's Heroides 15 as Reconstruction By Clare Kearns     I. Introduction     Ovid’s Heroides are fundamentally paradoxical. As a collection of letters that take on the point of view of spurned mythological h (More)
“A Widow in the Halls”
An Examination of the Lamentations of Hector in the Iliad by Abhinav Suri   Background   Classical epics share many characteristics, among which is an expression of loss: lamentation.  From a literal perspective, a lamentation is a (More)
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