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“A Widow in the Halls”
An Examination of the Lamentations of Hector in the Iliad by Abhinav Suri   Background   Classical epics share many characteristics, among which is an expression of loss: lamentation.  From a literal perspective, a lamentation is a (More)
Travel Diary: the Tennessee Undergraduate Classics Research Conference
       By Rachel Winicov         Earlier this semester I had the opportunity to experience the study of Classics outside the walls of Penn. With the support of the Penn College of Arts and Sciences Travel Grant program and the University of Tennes (More)
A Window’s View into Egyptian Society
        By Maria Murad         This window featured in the Penn Museum was once cemented in the walls of the Palace of Merenptah. The palace, along with the window, was built during Merenptah’s reign from 1213 to 1204 BCE in the Nineteenth Dynasty (More)
The Ethics of Excess: Food and Satire
       By Clare Kearns         Food and eating have always figured prominently in the work of satirists. That food plays upon the somatic realism of satire is evident, but the relationship between food and satire’s moral criticism is more slippery (More)
“Ther nys a bettre knight”: Hector as a Medieval Knightly Ideal
By William H. Weiss Introduction         In his famous work recounting the Hundred Years’ War, Chronicles, Jean Froissart writes of two interesting episodes that any reader could easily overlook. The first appears in Book III where he details the B (More)
The Limits of Ancestral Wealth and Power in Ancient Greece
       By Shiri Gross         Though historians have often argued that hereditary power and wealth played a critical role in defining an individual’s prospects in Ancient Greek society, there is ample evidence against this conclusion. The prevalen (More)
Our Commitments to Racial Equity
Over the past few weeks, we've yet again witnessed unmistakable evidence of racism and systemic oppression in America. We are enraged by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, and countless other Black lives that have been lost (More)
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