Researchers affiliated with Emory University.

Reynaldo Martorell  |  rmart77@emory.edu
Born in Honduras, REYNALDO MARTORELL, PhD, is the Robert W. Woodruff Professor of International Nutrition at the Hubert Department of Global Health of Emory University ; he chaired the department from 1977-2009. He has a PhD in biological anthropology from the University of Washington, Seattle (1973). His research interests include maternal and child nutrition, the significance of early childhood nutrition for short and long-term function, micronutrient malnutrition, and the emergence of obesity and chronic diseases in developing countries He has held positions at INCAP (1972-77), Stanford (Professor of Nutrition, 1977-91) and Cornell University (Leading Professor, 1991-93). He serves on the Boards of the Nevin Scrimshaw International Nutrition Foundation, the Flour Fortification Initiative and Helen Keller International, among others. His many awards include election to the Institute of Medicine of the USA National Academy of Sciences, the Kellogg’s International Nutrition Prize from the American Society for Nutrition, the Gopalan Oration and Gold Medal Award from the Nutrition Society of India and the Carlos Slim Award for Lifetime Achievements in Research on Health.
Aryeh D. Stein  |  aryeh.stein@emory.edu
Aryeh D Stein MPH, Ph.D. is Professor in the Hubert Department of Global Health of the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, with a joint appointment in the Department of Epidemiology. He is a member of the faculty of the Nutrition and Health Sciences program of the Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences in the Laney Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He obtained his B.Sc. in nutrition from the University of London (England), and his MPH and Ph.D. degrees, both in epidemiology, from Columbia University in New York City, NY. He has worked in New York City, Massachusetts, Michigan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Holland, India, Mexico, Poland and South Africa, publishing over 140 peer-reviewed papers. In his research he utilizes critical periods of susceptibility to nutritional deficits and surfeits (such as war-induced famine or migration) to study the role of nutrition over the life course (prenatal, childhood, adulthood) on the development of adult chronic disease. He has secondary interests in the methodologies of dietary assessment and program evaluation. He is currently working with CARE and ICDDR,B in the design and implementation of a novel approach to program evaluation in Bangladesh, with the COHORTS investigative team on the analysis of data from birth cohort studies in Brazil, Guatemala, India, Philippines and South Africa, with investigators from South Africa on the extension of the Birth to Twenty study to the next generation and with the Young Lives investigators to study the consequences through adolescence of variation in growth in childhood.