About Our Study

A Study on Exercise and Health in Older Latino Adults.

Physical inactivity is a public health priority for Latino adults age 55 and older. This is especially true for adults with mild cognitive impairment, or memory issues. Our intervention study, “Tiempo Juntos por Nuestra Salud”, seeks to encourage physical activity (walking) and investigate its effects on cognitive health, cardiovascular (heart) health, and sleep quality.  Our goals are:

  1. to empower and educate participants on behavior change and motivation,
  2. to help build a social support network for participants, and
  3. to promote cultural and community resources so that older Latinos can walk safely in Philadelphia.

Participants in the study will receive 1-hour group walking interventions, designed by and tailored to older Latinos. These group walks will be led twice weekly for 3 months by a trained community health worker/promoter. This intervention period will be followed by 3 additional months of either mobile health booster sessions or Spanish health education resources on topics specific to the concerns of older Latino adults.



We are currently seeking participants for the study as well as community leaders to help lead walking groups and recruit participants from their communities.

We are recruiting participants for the study!