Resources for the Study of Laos

ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE POUR LA RECHERCHE SUR L’ASIE DU SUD-EST Arizona State University Lao Studies Collection: Asia: Bibliotheque Langues Orientales:…. Center for Lao Studies: CIA World Factbook: East and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Interent Resources: Francaise D’Extreme – Orient (EFEO): of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Free Lao Fonts On-Line: Google Groups – Soc.Culture.Laos: – Indochina Center (University of California, Berkeley):http://www.OCF.Berkeley.EDU/~sdenney/ Joyce White’s Archaeological Project for Northeast Thailand and Laos
Juth Pakai Journal News.Net: Lao PDR: Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic and the IMF: Lao Reference Sources (University of California, Berkeley): Lao Script for Windows: Lao Software: Lao Study Review: Lao Vision: T he Lao WWW Virtual Library: Laos Bibliography (University of Washington): Laos Women’s Studies Bibliography (University of California, Berkeley): of Congress – Glossary: Media Collection (Southeast Asia Center, University of Washington): Mekong Express: National University of Laos: Nouvelles du Laos: Radio Free Asia: Samsonith: Santé France Laos – Association Humanitaire d’Entraide Médicale: South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion: US-ASEAN Business Council: University of Kyoto SEA Studies Center: University of Pennsylvania Museum Buddhist Studies Web resources: