Lila Gleitman

Professor of Psychology, Emirata

Lila Gleitman is a linguist and psycholinguist whose work concerns the mental lexicon and its interface with syntax, language acquisition, and the relation between language and thought. One of her main interests concerns the architecture and semantic content of the mental lexicon, i.e., the psychological representation of the forms and meanings of words. Her second major interest is in how children acquire both the lexicon and the syntactic structure of the native tongue.


Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Office: Room 254, Stephen A. Levin Building, 425 S University Ave
Office Phone: (215) 898-0911
Lab Phone: (215) 898-0327

Publications can be found here. And, here is a copy of my CV as of September 2012.


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Elissa NewportSusan Goldin-MeadowBarbara Landau, Letty Naigles, Cynthia FisherKathy Hirsh-Pasek, Carol Miller, Lloyd Komatsu, Ruth Ostrin, Howard Geyer, Ann Fowler, Barbara Freed, Pamela Freyd, George Meck, Julia Dutton, Ed Kako, Annie Lederer Duke, Jane Gillette, Andrew Connolly, Peggy Li, Jesse SnedekerFelicia HurewitzLaura Wagner, Becky Nappa, Sudha Arunachalam

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