Monica Do

Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Psychology

How does the mind process and produce language?

Monica is a post-doctoral fellow who studies language production, specifically real-time sentence production (getting from thoughts to language) and real-time processing of ungrammatical sentences.

Her research focuses on the extent to which the language processing system – a fundamental part of human cognition – relies on syntactic representations, especially in situations when building those representations can be challenging. This means that she investigate situations where the linguistic system is ‘under duress’ to gain insight into processes (e.g. adaptation, compensation) and interactions that may only emerge when the linguistic system reaches the limits of syntactic structure-building.

Methodologically, she believes that a one-size-fit-all approach to data collection and analysis is insufficient. As a result, her work draws from a variety of languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Korean), utilizes a range experimental methods (e.g. visual world eye-tracking in production, reading-time and reaction-time measures, and web-based questionnaires), and is informed by a number of statistical approaches (e.g. linear mixed effects regression, robust methods, etc.). 


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