Which brings us up-to-date…

self-portrait08_08So all of these earliest posts bring us back up to speed with how the project has changed since its inception and premier at Bloomsday ’08. Mostly what you, as new readers, should know that we’re doing are best here to set up for the long-haul of a project that could not exist if not for the interactive possibilities of the internet. We’re learning a lot of new stuff to do this and, like in ULYSSES, the learning curve for this stuff is pretty high. We hope that this new format of the site and new presentation of its content makes connect with fans  (and experts) of the novel that much easier for us while allowing each of you add advice, criticism, hand-launched rotten vegetables or faint praise whenever necessary. The site, and the comic itself, cannot happen without that kind of  input from readers.

Joyce’s ULYSSES is a very hard read and comics, god love them, is a very peculiar, very new way of looking at making it more accessible without “dumbing it all down.” I hope that each of you interested enough in this weird notion to have dug this deep into the site will help us make Joyce a bit easier to enjoy and comics a bit easier to take seriously by helping me to do this thing right.

Thanks again for your support and attention in following this to the next level.


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