Dressing the younger Dedalus…

dedalus1 Well, it seems my earlier questions about costuming have met some immediate twitter attention (man, I love me some twitter). Fantastic!

So here’s my first rough sketch of Stephen from my thumbnails of the comic. I don’t know of a way to add a colorforms-dress-up plug-in to the site (though that would be great fun…), so we’ll use this as fodder for discussion on “dressing the younger Dedalus”.

Plenty of things to ask here, hence the second post, from his boots (which are borrowed from Mulligan) to his Hamlet hat (which we’ve recently settled, thank you).

Here’s the quiz, folks; “what is this guy wearing and what should he look like?” Extra credit for the numerous things in his pocket (other than the handkerchief which I’ve already shown him losing).

I’m not much for contests, I think they’re silly crap in fact, but good answers here, at this particular juncture, could prove really helpful to me. Give me some insights on Stephen and win yourself a sketch. Hell, some of what you might say could easily put my earlier work out of context. That’s a collectors’ item of sorts, right?

Seriously. Help me out here and, remember, there’s like 200 more characters to go in the novel. Still, there’s something to be said for figuring out this guy…


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