The Hypertext Chapbook (viii)

Ulysses_LyndWardOnce more into the breech dear friends, once more” though that might be an after-effect of my reading of Scylla and Charybdis! A quick once round the internet dance floor of all things Ulssean without so much as a by-your-leave.

LitGraphic,a traveling exhibition of graphic works pitches up at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio and its arrival is noted by The Columbus Dispatch. I’d like to have seen the Lynd Ward stuff myself so I’m envious of anyone nearby who is able to go and see it. Graphic storytelling in a museum – whatever next?

News of this particular legacy is all over the internet and news media and you hardly need reminding. Here’s just another story thrown up by my Google searches: ‘Never in my worst nightmares had I ever dreamed such a place could exist’ – one of a million similar stories – no more or less upsetting than all the others. The Independent also comments on the old/new Irish problem reminding us that Joyce escaped from and not to that particular atmosphere. Great material there for writers but you wouldn’t want to live it.

Here’s a very interesting piece from Paul Hopkins in the Belfast Telegraph about Joyce walking that other city’s streets. I keep hearing about this link with cinema – most intriguing to a film buff like me.

Ulysses_OdysseusHere’s an article I enjoyed from The Australian all about the subject of storytelling throughout history. Not specific to Joyce’s version of Ulysses by any means but if I enjoyed something of it I guess you might too!

If you are interested in some of the more psychological aspects of real paper books versus the evil computer screen you might be interested in some of the ideas explored in this tech column on the UK’s Telegraph website by Basheera Khan. There is something about paper, but the realist in me has other ideas!

Being a designer I love a good logo, but a guilty pleasure is also loving a really bad one too. The logo found by Vleeptron Z is both wonderfully good and bad at the same time – delicious!

There’s more than one Joyce of course – here John Palcewski tells us something of the others in a very personal and interesting story accompanied by some wonderful photographs.

Ulysses_PointeEastHold the front page! There’s a webcomic this week featuring our favourite subject. I’ve never read Pointe East by John Kalogerakos before but I’ll be keeping an eye on it this week though. Interesting if only to see see Joyce realised in cartoon form. And staying on the subject of comics British writer Peter Milligan professes a love for the classics of Greek literature on Comic Book – it’s not our Ulysses, but it is interesting to note how that influence and inspiration remains intact for today’s writers.

If ever you need to know how to work a reference to Joyce into an article on cricket here is the answer!

Finally a journalist and blogger writes briefly on his visit to Dublin in The Travel Bug and suggests the city is a worthwhile destination in itself and not just part of an Irish holiday.

More next week 🙂

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