Where did all the original art go?

Some of you may’ve noticed that the link to the original art page is currently down. That’s our doing. We had a rash of attention there with all the press in the past few weeks (thanks, everybody!) and there were a few glitches with our “google shopping cart” caused by that traffic. But the work is all here with us in Philadelphia now and the orders will be filled and shipped out by Monday.

In the meantime, and for the next month or so, my original drawings and painting from the first chapter will NOT be available online but can be seen “up close and personal” at the James Oliver Gallery here in downtown Philadelphia. The show, entitled “It Came From The Drawing Board…”, features 186 pieces in color and b&w, including the ones which were involved in all that Apple kerfuffle lately. You know, the ones with the penises and boobies and all of that.

Sales of the original art have been a great support to myself and this project over the past couple of years. Can’t thank you all enough for the attention you’ve shown me there. As we were working on setting up the website and the iPad app, the money from art sales has allowed me to keep painting Stephen, Mulligan and Mr Bloom to help pay the rent rather more commercial (and likely less interesting) jobs. I hope all of you living in and around the Philly area get a chance to stop by the gallery, say hello and see just how much work goes into producing this kind of project. You’ll be able to see why my other cartoonist friends thought I was more than a little crazy to suggest doing this. Verdict is still out on the crazy.

But for those of you who can’t make it to the exhibit and are still interested in showing your support by purchasing the original art, our link to that portion of the website will return next month (with some other pretty exciting announcements by then, too).

If you just can’t wait that long however, if you just have to get your hands on certain page or image now, just drop me a line here on our website and I’ll have the folks at the gallery set it aside for you. Eagerness is always rewarded around here, you know.

Hope to see some of you at the show,


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