Well folks, Bloomsday looms, and we have heard from our stalwart app coding partners that it doesn’t look like we’ll have Calypso as an iPad app ready for June 16th.  You will, of course, have Calypso available on the web  in time for Bloomsday.  But our slick app presentation will have to wait an additional two weeks or so.

This is a function of our trying to do too much with too little, particularly time– Apple has been grand, Bunsen Tech extremely accommodating, and Rob, Josh, Janine and Mike working around the clock.  However, we decided that all of Throwaway Horse LLC’s apps are going to have the same kind of robust discussion functionality that we recently introduced with our Waste Land “Seen” app (available now in the App Store!).  And that takes time.

We’re disappointed.  But, really, one of the pillars of this enterprise is exploring ways in which the open web interfaces with the walled garden, and, well, we’ll be experimenting with that a little more concretely this time around.  We expect to be up and in the App Store by July 1st, so look for us then.  Think of it like Little Bloomsday, Feast of the Joycean Epiphany…..

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