Calypso 0046

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This page opens the final sequence of Calypso, and two things are worthy of note right off the bat:  this is the last we see of Molly for quite a while (although the “jingle jing” will come up again and again), and Bloom is about to head over to the outhouse for the most (in)famous bowel movement in literary history.  Possibly the only one, actually.  In his 1933 decision determining that Ulysses was not obscene, thus lifting the ban on the novel in the United States, Judge John Woolsey wrote that rather than being “aphrodisiac,” the novel is “undoubtedly…somewhat emetic.”

Bloom gets a copy of Tit-Bits, another cheap penny-weekly, to serve as toilet paper, and the cat runs upstairs to spend the rest of the day in bed with Molly…at least until she is displaced by someone else.


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