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  1. So this kind of freaked me out, this past semester I took a Modernism class for my master’s level English Literature degree and had to teach a class on Joyce. It was a mixed grad/undergrad level class and the grad students had to teach a quick 30 minute lesson on someone or something to do with modernism. Long story long I chose Joyce because he’s incredible and because I knew I could use your awesome work here to help the students learn and appreciate the master.
    Most of the other grad students either opted for a quick explanation of the texts they chose, or just read some parts of it out loud. I thought, “the hell with that” and decided to just concentrate on the first 4 pages of Ulysses and made a video using visuals from your sight along with Frank Delaney reading through the book. I had to chop together Mr. Delaney from his podcasts but I think the overall effect was pretty good, as far as teaching the students and giving them at least a good idea of what is happening in these first few pages.
    What’s kind of freaky is that the beginning and the repeated use of a similar panel of Dadelus’ face look exactly the same from your video and mine.
    I hope y’all don’t mind, I didn’t use the video for profit and I didn’t even post it on youtube because of the possibility of copyright. I do have it on my facebook account, and I’m going to try and link it after this screed is done screeding.
    Thanks again for your work, it helped to spread the good word of Mr. Joyce to some Texas undergrads.


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