Countdown to Bloomsday 2016

Well, its that time again. Joyce’s birthday is today (February 2nd) and that’s the time we start gearing up for another Bloomsday. To get people in the spirit I usual do a series of drawings, bookmarks really, released daily over twitter. 135days from now until Bloomsday itself this makes for a nice little birthday gift to the Old Fella.

This year, 2016, also marks the centennial of the Easter Rising in Dublin, an important moment in the struggle for Irish Freedom and a date close to the heart of many fans of Joyce’s work. To honor and commemorate that date I’ve changed the format of the bookmark drawings this time around.

I’ll be drawing portraits of one hundred “Heroes of Irish Freedom” from now until Bloomsday based upon a list developed by good friend Pat Callan. So far they’ve been great fun to do and have given me a chance to learn more Irish history each day. I hope people use them as I have, as a window into study. We’ll try to figure out a way to drop some links to good biographical information onto the tweets for people encountering them that way, and our hope is to collect the group of them somewhere once all is done.

“But that’s only 100drawings,” you may say. And “what about the other 35?” you may say.

Good question. Don’t worry. I’ve got something more Joyce in mind as we draw closer to Bloomsday.

So let’s get started, and we’ll see you on Bloomsday,



4 thoughts on “Countdown to Bloomsday 2016

  1. Suggestions for better managing expectations:

    1. State front and center that two episodes were finished five years ago and nothing new has been released since then. Explain when we might realistically expect more.

    2. Redo the chapter-listings page so it’s not 90% nonexistent links:

    3. The iTunes link is broken. $8 seems a lot for 2 chapters– did buyers know that was all they’d get, or was it implied there were more coming directly?

    4. The ‘jump to new pages’ links make no sense five years later.

    5. The comments have become largely spam

    6. Does anyone else think Bloom was bald?

    7. The ‘Submit Comment’ button needs to be below the captcha, because the captcha may not otherwise be visible and the resulting error message causes the heart to sink wondering if the post will have vanished

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