Flower of the Mountain

Here’s an interesting bit of news for Joyce fans (particularly those of you are Kate Bush fans as well, like myself). It seems the Kate’s now able to release/re-record her original concept for “The Sensual World” using Molly’s soliloquy as well as the intended title, “Flower of the Mountain”. Look for it’s release on “Director’s Cuts” album next month. For those of you making your BloomsDay mix tapes some other Joyce-inspired works can be found through this link.


On a Musical Note

c_a017Well, deep into the wee small hours of the night, I opened my new book and began reading chapter one – page one! Heh! I’ll relate that experience later but I’ve just been prompted to tell you about some wonderful musical links that closely relate to our subject at hand. Now I have to admit here that I’ve been a fan of Kate Bush for an age and held her album The Sensual World close to my bosom as a one of the highlights of her career – but now I find there are references to Ulysses I’d never even guessed at. You do learn something every day after all! How very sobering.

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More Music, Please…

I just saw a music blog that offered up a new (for me at least) idea about “the introit” Mulligan speaks as the first dialogue here. It seems that the Latin may be sung, meaning the first spoken words in the novel might be intended as music to rouse Stephen from the tower. Interesting idea. here’s the link;

This is an especially rewarding link, with ten sound files of Joyce music and a YouTube embedded reading by joyce of passages from the WAKE. Check it out. -Rob