Tomorrow in the Twitterverse

I don’t know how many of you have been following the very cool Modernist Versions Project’s “Year of Ulysses” but, obviously, we’re pretty excited about it. So much so that Josh worked up this jazzy new “ineluctable” image to show our support. Moreover, it’s got me stepping away from the studio for the day tomorrow to talk about how the comic is going, some of the difficulties of the process and some of the reasons why Joyce is so damn fun to draw. I’ll be doing one of their twitter chats tomorrow, Wednesday, August 15th, beginning about 2PM EST and going, well, as long as it goes (twitter is like that, you know; 140 characters at-a-time is a fun way to talk.)

There will be a blog post going up on their site as well that will show off some of the new “Lotus Eaters” pages Josh and I have been so diligently working on since Bloomsday. Oh, and we’ll have some news about big changes looming for this very website (yes, we’ve been busy on that front as well).

So follow us tomorrow on twitter @ulyssesseen or through the hashtag #yearofulysses. And bring your best 140character questions. I’ll defend decisions I’ve made, waffle on positions I’m unsure of, and give you plenty of fresh links to think about while all the time happy to get out of the studio and hear some feedback for the day.


More Uncommon Associations

If I know you, and I think I do, you’re wondering what that dog is doing posing beside a rather stiff waxwork dummy of the great man himself? That dog is Clive and he’s a Dubliner, a working dog and one who appreciates the finer points of literature and history by the looks of things. Check the continuing adventures of Clive (and Murray) on the wonderfully named Assistance Dog for Autism blog! Clive met Sean O’Casey too, but who cares about that?

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Joyce vs Marilyn vs Bono

For my introductory picture this week I swiped a rare stamp from eBay and the front cover to a Wordsworth Classics edition of the novel. Frankly I can’t imagine a book cover more expertly designed to keep readers away. Call it a classic and slap a boring oil on the front and hope for the best. Thankfully this website is trying to do the opposite. Read on for the good stuff about Joyce and the great novel Ulysses from all about the interweb. It’s random, it’s chaotic, but who knows? Some it may strike a chord. If you don’t read it – you won’t find out!

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The Big Fat Greek Connection

Ulyssean blog post of the week award goes to blogger David Nice who reports on a trip to Trieste. A thoroughly interesting jaunt it sounds too (with many photos included as evidence) – despite the article not being exclusively about Joyce. We’ll have to share with Italo Svevo, but on further investigation that doesn’t appear to be so bad! I’d never heard of him, but my ignorance is legendary! The picture above is by Luigi Tolotti borrowed from the aforementioned blog. Read on for more irrelevant stuff and interesting nonsense from the interweb world of Ulysses …

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The Novel, The Man & The City

Kicking off the Hypertext Chapbook this week is a link to the news about the reading group Infinite Zombies tackling Ulysses and currently around halfway through by the looks of things. Eight Weeks seems a bit ambitious! Eight months would be stretching things for this reader! Insights are to be gained therein on how the project was formed and what works have already been discussed. There’s nothing stopping you from joining in I guess and if not you can at least read what is already there. A lively conversation from the look of it.

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San Diego to Dublin and back

Welcome to another Hypertext Chapbook – the place where we scour the web for all things Ulyssean. This week we have a song, a bicycle ride, a Papal blessing, a lecture, a letter and some dusty old manuscripts. Accept these meagre diversions while we all eagerly await reports of our glorious leader’s performance at the San Diego Comic Convention panel on Comics After Paper. If you can’t wait or didn’t know (?) here’s a preview by panel host Doug Wolk. Obviously the panel itself has already happened but as the SDCC is a notoriously draining experience we may have to wait until Rob is fully recovered to hear what was said. In the meantime read all the good stuff after the break …

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The Freeman’s Journal Returns

The Freeman’s Journal returns! This feature has been on hiatus since last Christmas but returns now, along with the original author, to challenge, puzzle and sometimes even educate the faithful reader of this blog with passing mentions of all things Ulyssean from across the web. Let me know which, if any, strike a chord and I’ll endeavour to find more such gems over time.

Remember, you can always find the Freeman’s Journal via the category links to your right. The random image above is from an eBay sale – don’t worry – you missed it already!

This first feature is a little short due to a malfunctioning keyboard. Bear with me and if you spot any missing characters – they’re mine, all mine! Read all the good stuff after the break …

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The Hypertext Chapbook (x): The Christmas Edition

Ulysses_SnowThe last round-up for this year I think and since Christmas is only a couple of days away and most sensible people are thinking of hibernating (those in northern Europe and along the East Coast of the US anyway) we’ll keep it short and sweet.

First up is a nod to literary blogger Lisa Hill who continues to keep pace with me and my far less illuminating reading of the great book. She makes for a good read when I’m lost!

A blog post from Cathy Furlani makes me glad I’m not a student of any sort right now. Some professors are just cruel. She doesn’t mention which books she’s been given, but any two by Joyce sounds like a bad dream to me!

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The Hypertext Chapbook (viii)

Ulysses_LyndWardOnce more into the breech dear friends, once more” though that might be an after-effect of my reading of Scylla and Charybdis! A quick once round the internet dance floor of all things Ulssean without so much as a by-your-leave.

LitGraphic,a traveling exhibition of graphic works pitches up at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio and its arrival is noted by The Columbus Dispatch. I’d like to have seen the Lynd Ward stuff myself so I’m envious of anyone nearby who is able to go and see it. Graphic storytelling in a museum – whatever next?

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