The Inevitable Final Movement!

Ulysses-Leo-1As I wend my merry way through this ocean of words I find myself pleased with my own ignorance of anything that might happen. You can only read a book for the first time once I think. I’ll never read this again. I’m sorry. I meant I’ll never read this again for the first time. I’ll never be surprised by it in the same way. But hold. I hear you cry “there’s so much more to be discovered!” I don’t doubt it. No. Wait. I do doubt it. But what’s to do? I’ll carry on and we shall see what we shall see.

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Leopold Bloom

The everyman hero of Ulysses, Joyce’s reworking of Odysseus.  Bloom is 38 years old, Hungarian Jewish from his father (Rudolf Virag) and Irish Catholic from his mother (Ellen Higgins).  He currently works as an ad canvasser for the newspaper The Freeman’s Journal, but he’s had other odd jobs throughout his life.  He spends the day of June 16 wandering around Dublin:  going to a funeral, checking in at the office, visiting the National Library, walking on the beach.  He’s a deeply human and compassionate character, and carrying around with him two heavy emotional burdens:  grief over the death of his infant son Rudy 11 years before the action of the novel, and anxiety over his impending cuckoldry by his wife Molly, with whom he has not had full sexual relations since their son died.