Hades and a Short Walk Through the City of the Dead

Ulysses_FuneralThis is a grim read for a Friday morning but at least it is a chapter with more elements in a reasonably straight forward manner. Straight forward for Ulysses that is, but still there is no real problem discerning the narrative – I’m almost beginning to enjoy it!

Before I forget, there are lines occasionally which seem to echo previous words, spoken or thought, but for the first time reader it’s sometimes difficult to locate and divine the meaning of the repetition, or if it even occurred at all. So before I wade through the facts and try to put them in proper order – could anyone tell me anything about the line “I do not like that other world she wrote”. Continue reading

The Lotus Eaters – The Thin Plot Thickens!

Ulysses-Soup-1I say the plot thickens – but possibly more in hope than actuality! As I glance across the desk at my 1922 the bookmark looks unpleasantly close to the front cover – and I had thought I was making good progress! Still a long way to go.

At any rate I now join Leopold Bloom as he makes another journey – this time primarily to the Post Office to collect a letter, which it turns out is addressed to one Henry Flower esq. I can only take from this that our Mr Bloom is having or has plans for some kind of affair – with a lady of the opposite sex no less. I maybe assuming wrongly but is it not intimated that Molly Bloom might have something to hide also? I’m more than happy for this to be the case as I am by now desperate for a story to hang my hat on.

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