The Hypertext Chapbook (vii)

Ulysses_HenryNow I’m not saying there’s any rivalry between Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and France but the news this week is all about the French cheating on the Irish and spoiling the Emerald Isle’s World Cup dreams. I say if you want to know the real deal on that you’d better to speak to an Irishman – rather you than me frankly. Nothing to do with Ulysses of course, unless you’re wondering how many of the Republic of Ireland National football team have read it?

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The Hypertext Chapbook (v)

Ulysses_JoyceBack on the trail for all thing Joycean and Ulyssean I round up all the odds and ends that baffle and entertain – not to mention occasionally educate.

Reviews of Declan Kiberd’s Ulysses & Us abound, but whether readers find it useful or not is a question still to answered. The blog A Momentary Taste of Being comments but also leads to further posts on our favourite subject – all worth at least a glance through. Talk of depression on ManicDDaily won’t lighten the mood but here’s a blogger looking to Joyce for solutions to writer’s block! I wish him the best of luck, but I could swear Joyce was more likely a cause of and not a solution to. See what you think. Continue reading