The Hypertext Chapbook (vi)

Ulysses_UmbertoEcoBack once one more dear readers to give you a little look-see around the interwebs regarding what the talk is on our favourite subject.

Blogger Laura Valerie mentions in her ‘to read’ list my current and my last ‘most difficult book to read’ right above one another. I’ll just say that Focault’s Pendulum though weighty in its own right is a cinch next to this beast! And speaking of Umberto Eco he manages to give Joyce more than a name check in this Spiegel interview that has been publicised all over this month. November has been quite a month of Joyce for blogger Veronica Frydel too. She tackles the novel and posts once, twice and thrice on her blog. Good luck with the journalism Veronica. Continue reading

Hades and a Short Walk Through the City of the Dead

Ulysses_FuneralThis is a grim read for a Friday morning but at least it is a chapter with more elements in a reasonably straight forward manner. Straight forward for Ulysses that is, but still there is no real problem discerning the narrative – I’m almost beginning to enjoy it!

Before I forget, there are lines occasionally which seem to echo previous words, spoken or thought, but for the first time reader it’s sometimes difficult to locate and divine the meaning of the repetition, or if it even occurred at all. So before I wade through the facts and try to put them in proper order – could anyone tell me anything about the line “I do not like that other world she wrote”. Continue reading