This is a freely accessible database of ~4000 natural scenes from baboon habitat in Botswana, taken with a calibrated Nikon D70 camera and preprocessed into various formats (luminance, RGB, LMS) suitable for psychophysics / neuroscience / computer vision research.

Images are distributed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Unported License.

If you use images from this database for reasearch, please cite Tkacik G et al, “Natural images from the birthplace of the human eye“, PLoS ONE 6: e20409 (2011). This paper also provides information on how the images were acquired and processed, and what is in the various versions of each image.

You can browse the database through the albums menu item above, which will bring you to a gallery. Within the gallery, the images are organized into albums that focus on different scenery, close-ups of the plants, ground etc. You can download each album from the gallery through the download links there.

For questions please email David Brainard (brainard@psych.upenn.edu).