Postdoctoral positions – come join us!

We invite for highly motivated and productive recent graduates to join us as postdocs at the University of Pennsylvania Biology Department ( and at the Epigenetics Institute ( and in our of a six-lab highly interactive Plant Biology group.

Some of our current research outlined below, but we are happy to hear about your project ideas.

Epigenetic underpinnings of Environmental Stimulus Response

The epigenome is the interface between the genome and the environment. Plants in particular need to adjust to an ever-changing environment, such as lack of water or high temperature.  We are interested in how changes in the epigenome, especially those triggered by SWI/SNF chromatin remodelers and Polycomb Repressive Complexes, enable plant survival under stress.

Reprogramming of plant cell fate and function in the inflorescence in response to developmental and environmental cues

Currently projects focus on nuclear liquid-liquid phase transition events that enable cell fate reprogramming to flower fate in response to endogenous and environmental cues. A second project aims to dissect how signaling integrates diverse endogenous and environmental cues in meristems to optimally tune inflorescence architecture.

Comparative analysis of the impact of genome size, repetitive genome content and chromatin architecture on facultative heterochromatin formation

Using diverse crop wild plant species, we are investigating how their unique genome architectures impact initiation and maintenance of facultative heterochromatin for silencing of unneeded or detrimental gene expression programs.


The Wagner lab strives to be an inclusive environment, and we especially encourage applications from under-represented minorities, members of the LGTBQ community and women.

In addition to offering a vibrant scientific community, Philadelphia is a pretty and livable city, with strong offerings in the arts and sports, excellent for walking and biking.

Please send your CV with publications and statement of interest to

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