Curriculum Vitae

                                                Curriculum Vitae


Doris Wagner                               Department of Biology

University of Pennsylvania

433 S. University Avenue

Philadelphia, PA  19104



Positions held


2018     Robert I. Williams Term Professor of Biology

2013     Professor of Biology, University of Pennsylvania

2011     Graduate Chair, Department of Biology

2008     Interim Graduate Chair, Department of Biology

2007     Associate Professor of Biology, University of Pennsylvania

2000     Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Pennsylvania

1998     Research Associate, Department of Biology, California Institute of Technology

1995     Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, California Institute of Technology






1995     Ph.D., Plant Biology, University of California at Berkeley, Thesis Advisor: Peter Quail

1988    Vordiplom (BA equivalent), Technische Universität München, Weihenstephan, DE




Awards and Honors

2019                 Fellow of the American Society for Plant Biology

2017-2019        President, North American Arabidopsis Steering Executive Committee

2014-2019        Elected Member, North American Arabidopsis Steering Executive Committee

2003-2021        Keynote speaker at 20 symposia

2010-2016        Lead PI Epigenomics of Plants International Consortium (EPIC) RCN to foster international collaboration in the field of plant epigenomics

2004                 Undergraduate Teaching Award, Biology Department, University of Pennsylvania

2003, 2005, 2008, 2015             University Research Foundation Award

1998 – 2000      California Institute of Technology Research Fellow grant

1995 – 1998      Helen Hay Whitney Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

1988                 Dr. Whittman Fellowship for Undergraduate Research

1987                 Vereinigte Stipendienstiftung Fellowship for Undergraduate Research


Professional Activities


2020 –               Associate Editor, Science Advances

2017-               Editor in Chief, Current Opinion in Plant Biology

2014 – 2017      Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Executive Committee,

Chair of subcommittee on plant epigenetics

2013 –              Core Faculty member, UPenn Epigenetics Institute

2011- 2013       Penn Genomics Frontiers Institute Executive Board

2009 – 2013      Epigenetics Program Executive Board, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 2008 –                  Member, School of Medicine, Genomics and Computational Biology Graduate Group

2002 –               Trainer, NIH training grants in the University of Pennsylvania Medical School:

Cell and Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology; Genetics and Gene Regulation (

2002 –               Member, School of Medicine, Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group (since 2002)

2012-               Member, American Society for the Advancement of Science




Conferences and Workshops organized


2022     CSH Asia Conference co-organizer (with Dr. Fred Berger, Xiao-Feng Cao and Toshiro Ito) Integrative Plant Epigenetics, virtual.

2018     Concurrent session organizer, Epigenetics, Plant Biology Conference, Montreal, Canada.

2017     Co-organizer (with Dr. Rick Vierstra), 28th International Arabidopsis Conference (ICAR), St.


2017     Co-organizer, (with Dr. Marja Timmermans) International FASEB conference on Mechanisms in

Plant Development, Saxtons River VT

2016     Session Chair, International Plant Growth Substance Association, Toronto, Canada.

2016     Co-organizer (with Dr. Scott Michaels and Dr. Nathaniel Springer), Keystone Symposium on Plant Epigenetics, Taos NM, February 2016

2015     Co-organizer (with Dr. Francois Roudier), MASC/EPIC workshop ‘Plant Epigenetics and Chromatin Regulation’, ICAR Paris, France.

2015     Co-organizer (with Dr. Xiao-Feng Cao), Cold Spring Harbor Asia Symposium on Plant

Epigenetics and Development, Suzhou China, June 2015

2014     Organizer, workshop on ‘Plant Epigenetics and small RNAs’, ICAR Vancouver, Canada.

2014     Organizer, International Symposium, Epigenetics and Response to Environmental Cues’, University of Pennsylvania.

2013     Co-organizer (with Dr. Liz Dennis), workshop on ‘Epigenomics’, International Arabidopsis Conference, Sydney, Australia, June 2013

2012     Session Chair, ‘Systems Biology’, International Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB) Conference,

Jeju Island, South Korea, October 2012

2012     Workshop organizer, ‘Epigenomics’, International Arabidopsis Conference, Vienna, Austria, July

2012     Co-organizer (with Dr. Xiao-Feng Cao), International Symposium on Epigenetic Regulation in Higher Plants, Beijing, China.

2012     Co-organizer (with Dr. Rob Martienssen), Workshop on Plant Epigenetics, Plant and Animal ]     Genome XX Conference, San Diego, CA.

2011     Organizer, Banbury Conference on Plant Epigenomics.

2011     Organizer, Workshop on ‘Epigenomics’, International Arabidopsis Conference, Madison, WI.

2011     Co-organizer (with Dr. Rob Martienssen), Workshop on Plant Epigenetics, Plant and Animal Genome XIX Conference, San Diego, CA.


Invited Conference Presentations (last 5 years)


2022     CSH Asia Conference Integrative Plant Epigenetics, Awaji, Japan

2021     International Plant Stem Cell Symposium, Nagoya and Nara, Japan [online]

2021     Mid-Atlantic Plant Biology meeting, Keynote speaker [online]

2021     Mid-Atlantic Society of Developmental Biology meeting, Keynote speaker [online]

2020     PLANTAE online seminar series of distinguished speakers

2020     Mid-Atlantic Society of Developmental Biology meeting, Keynote speaker Cancelled due to COVID-19

2020     Mid-Atlantic ASPB Keynote speaker. Cancelled due to COVID-19

2020     Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium, Cambridge UK, Keynote speaker [online]

2020     31rst International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR), Seattle, workshop on

intrinsically disordered proteins. Cancelled due to COVID-19

2019     Utrecht Life Sciences Symposium, Keynote speaker, Utrecht, Netherlands

2019     Developmental Biology Gordon Conference, Mount Holyoke College, MA

2019     Nature Journal Conference “Plants of the Future” New York City, NY

2019     Frontiers in Plant Development, Barcelona, Spain

2019     FASEB “Mechanisms of Plant Development”, Allegheny, NY

2018     12th congress of International Plant Molecular Biology, Montpellier France, May 2018

2018      25th International Conference of Sexual Plant Reproduction (ICSPR), Chubu Japan, June 201

2018     29th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR), Plenary talk, Turku Finland, July 2018     Plant Biology (ASPB), Montreal Canada 2017

2018     Keystone Symposium on Plant Signaling, Lake Tahoe




Invited Seminars and Colloquia (last 5 years)


2022     UNT, Departmental Seminar (online)

2022     UMass Amherst, Departmental Seminar (online)

2021     Yale University, Departmental Seminar (online)

2021     Utrecht University, Departmental seminar (online)

2020     Umea Departmental Seminar, Sweden (cancelled due to Covid)

2020     JIC Departmental Seminar, Norwich United Kingdom

2020     Haverford College, Distinguished Departmental Seminar Speaker

2020     Lausanne University, Departmental Seminar, Lausanne Switzerland

2020     Michigan State University

2019     Purdue University, Departmental seminar

2018     UC Berkeley Departmental seminar

2018     Washington University St. Louis MI, Department of Biology

2018     The Danforth Center St. Louis, MI

2018     Nara Institute, Nara Japan

2018     UC Davis, Genetic Graduate Group Seminar series

2018     University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Biology



Editing and Reviewing (last 5 years)


2020 – current   Associate editor Science Advances

2017 – current   Editor in chief, Current Opinion in Plant Biology

2013 – 2017      Monitoring Editor, Plant Physiology

2010 – 2019      Associate editor, The Arabidopsis Book

Ad hoc reviewer for numerous journals.

Panelist 12 NSF panels (IOS, MCB, BREAD)