Curriculum Vitae

Professional Memberships

2013 –             Core Faculty member, UPenn Epigenetics Institute

2011- 2013      Penn Genomics Frontiers Institute Executive Board

2008 –             Member, School of Medicine, Genomics and Computational Biology Graduate Group

2002 –              Trainer, NIH training grants in the University of Pennsylvania Medical School:

Cell and Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology; Epigenetics and Genetics

2002 –              Member, School of Medicine, Cell and Molecular Biology Graduate Group

2009-               Member, American Society for the Advancement of Science


Symposia and Workshops organized (last 6 years)

2018    Concurrent session organizer, Epigenetics, Plant Biology Conference, Montreal, Canada.

2017    Co-organizer (with Dr. Rick Vierstra), 28thInternationalArabidopsisConference (ICAR), St.


2017    Co-organizer, (with Dr. Marja Timmermans) International FASEB conference on Mechanisms in

Plant Development, Saxtons River VT

2016    Session Chair, International Plant Growth Substance Association, Toronto, Canada.

2016    Co-organizer (with Dr. Scott Michaels and Dr. Nathaniel Springer), Keystone Symposium on Plant Epigenetics, Taos NM, February 2016

2015    Co-organizer (with Dr. Francois Roudier), MASC/EPIC workshop ‘Plant Epigenetics and Chromatin Regulation’, ICAR Paris, France.

2015    Co-organizer (with Dr. Xiao-Feng Cao), Cold Spring Harbor Asia Symposium on Plant

Epigenetics and Development, Suzhou China, June 2015

2014    Organizer, workshop on ‘Plant Epigenetics and small RNAs’, ICAR Vancouver, Canada.

2014    Organizer, International Symposium, Epigenetics and Response to Environmental Cues’, University of Pennsylvania.

2013    Co-organizer (with Dr. Liz Dennis), workshop on ‘Epigenomics’, International ArabidopsisConference, Sydney, Australia, June 2013

2012    Session Chair, ‘Systems Biology’, International Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB) Conference,

Jeju Island, South Korea, October 2012

2012    Workshop organizer, ‘Epigenomics’, International ArabidopsisConference, Vienna, Austria, July

2012    Co-organizer (with Dr. Xiao-Feng Cao), International Symposium on Epigenetic Regulation in Higher Plants, Beijing, China.

2012    Co-organizer (with Dr. Rob Martienssen), Workshop on Plant Epigenetics, Plant and Animal ]     Genome XX Conference, San Diego, CA.

2011    Organizer, Banbury Conference on Plant Epigenomics.

2011    Organizer, Workshop on ‘Epigenomics’, International ArabidopsisConference, Madison, WI.

2011    Co-organizer (with Dr. Rob Martienssen), Workshop on Plant Epigenetics, Plant and Animal Genome XIX Conference, San Diego, CA.

Editing and Reviewing

2018  onward  Editor in Chief Current Opinion in Plant Biology

2016 Guest Editor, Annual Reviews in Plant Biology, 2016 issue

2016 Editor, Current Opinion in Plant Biology: Growth and Development, 2016 issue

2013 – 2017 Monitoring Editor, Plant Physiology

2010 – 2017 Associate editor, The Arabidopsis Book

2010 – 2012 Associate editor, Frontiers in Plant Biology

Ad hoc reviewer for numerous journals, including:  Cell: Science; Nature Genetics; Genes and Development; Developmental Cell; PNAS; Current Biology; Development; Plant Cell; Plant Journal; MCB; Molecular Plant; PloS Biology; PloS Genetics; Nature.


Invited Conference Presentations (last 6 years)

2019    Utrecht Life Sciences Symposium, Keynote speaker.

2019   Developmental Biology Gordon Conference

2019     Nature Conference “Plants of the Future” New York City, NY

2019    Frontiers in Plant Development, Barcelona, Spain

2019   FASEB “Mechanisms of Plant Development”.

2018    12thcongress of International Plant Molecular Biology, Montpellier France

2018      25thInternational Conference of Sexual Plant Reproduction (ICSPR), Chubu Japan

2018    29thInternational Conference on ArabidopsisResearch (ICAR), Plenary talk, Turku Finland

2018    Plant Biology (ASPB), Montreal Canada

2018    Keystone Symposium on Plant Signaling, Lake Tahoe

2017    26thPlant and Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, CA

2017    76thSociety of Developmental Biology Meeting, Minneapolis MN. Plenary talk

2017    Botanical Society Congress, Kiel Germany, Plenary talk.

2017    27thNational congress of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants, Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

2016    Keystone Symposium on Plant Epigenetics, Taos NM.

2016    25thInternational Plant Growth Substance Association, June 2016 Toronto

2016    27thInternational Conference on ArabidopsisResearch (ICAR), Kyungjoo, Korea.

2015    Northwest Developmental Biology meeting, Seattle.

2015    Cold Spring Harbor Asia Symposium ‘Frontiers of Plant Biology–Plant Epigenetics in Growth and Development’, Suzhou, China.

2015    26thInternational Conference on ArabidopsisResearch (ICAR) Paris, France.

2015    ASPB meeting (symposium on role of plant hormones), Minneapolis MN.

2015    Gordon Research Conference on Epigenetics, Waltham MA.

2014    Mid-Atlantic ASPB meeting, Delaware University.

2014    Symposium ‘Frontiers in Plant Biology’, Barcelona Spain.

2014    23rdInternational Conference on Plant Reproduction, Porto Portugal.

2014    25thInternational Conference on ArabidopsisResearch (ICAR), Vancouver Canada.

2014    Gordon Research Conference on Abiotic Stress, Newry Maine.

2014    Tri-National ArabidopsisResearch symposium, Heidelberg Germany.

2014    Symposium on plant sexual reproduction, Taipei Taiwan.

2014    NIBB/TLL/MPIPZ Symposium on Plant Development , Cologne Germany.

2013    Virginia Tech Life Science Seminars and Graduate Minisymposium, Keynote.

2013    21stConference of the International Plant Growth Substances Association (IPGSA), Shanghai, China.

2013    Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) Main Meeting, Valencia, Spain. Session Keynote.

2013    24thInternational Conference on ArabidopsisResearch (ICAR) 2013, Sydney Australia, Session


2013    NC Biotechnology Center-sponsored Plant Molecular Biology Retreat, Asheville. Keynote.

2013    Epigenetics symposium Norwich UK.

2013    Plenary speaker, 8th Mexico-USA Plant Biology Symposium.


Invited Seminars and Colloquia (last 6 years)

2020    JIC Departmental Seminar, Norwich United Kingdom

2020    Lausanne University, Departmental Seminar, Lausanne Switzerland

2020    MichiDepartmental seminar

2019    Purdue University, Departmental seminar

2018    UC Berkeley Departmental seminar

2018    Washington University St. Louis MI, Department of Biology

2018    The Danforth Center St. Louis, MI

2018    Nara Institute, Nara Japan

2018    UC Davis, Genetic Graduate Group Seminar series

2018    University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Biology

2017    UT Austin, Biology Department

2016    ENS Departmental Seminar, INRA Lyon, France

2015    Florida State University, Biology Department

2015    Monsanto, Outside speaker seminar

2014    Universität Potsdam, Germany

2014    Universität Düsseldorf, Germany

2014    Max Planck Institute Tübingen, Germany

2014    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

2013    Langebio Cinvestav, Irapuato, México

2013    University of Athens Georgia, Departmental Seminar Series