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[Jersey Water Works] Jersey Water Works Membership Meeting [Free]

July 19, 2018 | The third annual Jersey Water Works Membership Meeting will bring together more than 100 attendees on July 19 at the Robert Wood Johnson Conference Center in Hamilton to brainstorm ways to make faster progress, celebrate the work of the collaborative and its members, and learn from experts.

[One Water Solutions Institute] One Water Perspectives Webinar: Marc Cammarata – Deputy Water Comissioner for Philadelphia Water Department, City of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters Program: 7 Down [Free]

June 14, 2018 at 3:00pm | The City of Philadelphia’s Green City, Clean Waters Plan just completed its seventh year of implementation. This Plan, resulting from a groundbreaking agreement with the regulatory community, to take on stormwater runoff and combined sewer overflows, a big source of pollution impacting our rivers today, relies in substantial green stormwater infrastructure investments. Working with numerous public, private and non-profit partners, the City of Philadelphia has added thousands of green tools to our neighborhoods, protecting our rivers and streams while making our city a better place to live, learn, work and play. Come year about the successes to date and what is still to come for the next 18 years and beyond.

*[The Water Center at Penn] Making Ends Meet: A National Dialogue on Water Affordability [registration closed]      

May 30/31 2018|“A conversation among water utility leaders, mayors, city council members, community leaders and organizations focused on water affordability.”

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The Water Wars of Arizona July 20, 2018 (Story from The New York Times)

Aquifers across the globe are beginning to quietly dry up under the compounded strain of increased food production. 
Arizona families had never thought to ask about water quantity when purchasing a home. It wasn’t something you needed to think about in Pennsylvania. There was always water.

Why does it Take so Long to Upgrade Philly’s Water Infrastructure July 13, 2018 (Story from PlanPhilly)

There are 3,200 miles of pipes beneath the city, and the current five-year average is 267 breaks per every 1,000 miles. Howard Neukrug said Philadelphia leads the country in terms of determining which sections of pipe to replace. “The problem in Philadelphia and other cities is the amount of pipe we need to replace,” he said.  “If you replace it as a rate of 1 percent a year, of 3,200 miles of pipe, that’s 32 miles a year. Over the course of 100 years, you would have replaced all your pipes. Unfortunately, pipes from the 1960s through today have been replaced at much lower levels, maybe as low as half a percent, which means you are replacing the system on a 200-year basis.”

Singapore International Waterweek: Four new utilities welcomed into the global ‘Leading utilities of the World’ Network July 13, 2018 

Yesterday at the Singapore International Waterweek four new utilities were welcomed into the global ‘Leading utilities of the World’ network.

• Queensland Urban Utilities, Australia (represented by CEO, Louise Dudley)

• Houston Water, USA (represented by Director, Yvonne Forrest)

• Water Supplies Department, HKSARG, Hong Kong (represented by Deputy Director, Chau Sai Wai)

• Phoenix Water Services, USA (represented by Director, Kathryn Sorensen)

Water issues that the water utilities are coping with ranged from severe water scarcity to serious flood risks. Energy reduction was also a hot topic. 

All of the utilities in the network distinguish themselves from others in terms of unique innovative and creatives approaches, like floating PV stations on fresh water collection basins to generate energy, reduce evaporation and algae growth. 


Mayors, Municipal Elected Officials, Water Utility Leaders and Advocates Come Together to Discuss the Depths of Water Affordability at Making Ends Meet: A Workshop on Water Affordability in Philadelphia

When it comes to water, “Leadership is being provided at the local level by local officials and activists who are paying attention to what is really going on in the world.”

– Michael Nutter, Former Mayor, Philadelphia



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