(Subject to change; updated 3/10/2013)

Friday, March 15:

5-6PM Opening Reception (for registered WHEATS participants and CHF guests only) Chemical Heritage Foundation
6-7PM Keynote address: Conevery Bolton Valencius, University of Massachusetts Boston
“Vernacular Science of the New Madrid Earthquakes: Creating Knowledge in the Early United States”
Chemical Heritage Foundation

Saturday, March 16:
*Each paper session is 50 minutes long, followed by a 10-minute break, with two 20-minute coffee breaks. Please return on time!

8AM Breakfast HSS Lounge
Floor 3 Cohen Hall
8:30-9:20AM Hayley Goodchild, “Paradoxes of Proximity in the Early Ontario Cheese Industry”
(Discussant: Emily Pawley)
402 Cohen Hall
9:30-10:20AM Brian Jirout, “The Greening of Diplomacy: Landsat, Environment, and the Cold War, 1964-1978” (Discussant: Neil Maher) 402 Cohen Hall
10:20-10:40AM Coffee Break HSS Lounge
10:40-11:30AM Samantha Muka, “Illuminating Animal Behavior: The Impact of the Loeb-Jennings Debate
on Experimental Procedure in Tropism Studies” (Discussant: Lloyd Ackert)
402 Cohen Hall
11:40-12:30PM Silas Chamberlin, “‘Many Bulldozers are Drooling’: The Spatial Politics of Rail Trails”
(Discussant: Andrew Isenberg)
402 Cohen Hall
12:30-2PM Lunch: Participants are on their own for the lunch break. See “Getting Around” for dining suggestions. Penn environs
2-2:50PM He Bian, “In Search of Goldthread: Harvest, Cultivation and Multiplication of a Bitter Herb in Late Imperial China” (Discussant: Projit Mukharji) 402 Cohen Hall
3-3:50PM Meghan Crnic, “Technologies of Nature: How UV Lamps Brought Nature to the City”
(Discussant: Conevery Bolton Valencius)
402 Cohen Hall
3:50-4:10PM Coffee Break HSS Lounge
4:10-5:00PM Jennifer Thomson, “Healing the Land: The Environmental Politics of Re-inhabitation”
(Discussant: Adam Rome)
402 Cohen Hall
5:10-6PM Rachel Gross: “Synthetic Wilderness: Gore-Tex and the Paths to Mastery in Outdoor Recreation” (Discussant: Amy Slaton) 402 Cohen Hall
6-8PM Dinner HSS Lounge

Sunday, March 17:

8:30-9AM Breakfast Golkin Room, Houston Hall
9-11AM Publishing Panel: John Tresch, Andrew Isenberg, Audra Wolfe, and Ben Cohen Golkin Room, Houston Hall
11AM Official Closing Golkin Room, Houston Hall
12AM-2PM Bartram’s Garden field trip (bring a lunch!); meet at noon for group departure Golkin Room, Houston Hall