Our Process

XFic 2021


Daniel and Chelsey talk about storytelling on Reddit, outer space in EVE Online, and what it means to consider yourself a “writer.”

Brian and Anna Collins discuss the importance of memory, the enigma that is Dale Cooper fromĀ Twin Peaks, and Brian’s experience in his very first English class at Penn.

Eva, Peyton, and Anna Naggar share their experiences writing performative nonfiction, which has included ordering a pregnancy belly from Amazon, putting on makeup for the first time, and exploring what it means to relinquish control.


XFic 2019


Chelsey and Claire discuss their projects.

To Chelsey, experimental non-fiction is “the way we tell stories so that they are truest to us, even if they are not ‘objective’.”

Cece and Sophia discuss their projects.

To Sophia experimental non-fiction is “the catalyst genre from which we can learn to be vulnerable to new experiences, different perspectives, and the host of stories that everyone has to tell.”

Zoe and Sydney discuss their projects.


Juliette and Tamysn discuss their projects.