Your Language My Ear 2021 Postponed

Due to the unprovoked and criminal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the Your Language My Ear symposium that was planned for the 2021-2022 academic year has been postponed. Please check back for updates on plans to convene the symposium at a later date.

Please also note: In connection with the tragic events in Ukraine, the University of Pennsylvania Department of Russian and East European Studies issued the following statement in early March, 2022:

The Department of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania condemns in the strongest possible terms the unprovoked, needless, and cruel attack by the Russian Federation, with support from the state of Belarus, on Ukraine. This unjust war is causing untold suffering and civilian death. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and with all people of the region, of all ethnicities and nationalities, who are defending Ukraine’s population, aiding victims and refugees, and resisting and protesting the Russian Federation’s criminal aggression. We offer support to our students from the region who are suffering along with their homelands. This war must stop, and we call on all concerned people to do everything in their power to achieve that end.

Photo Archive for 2019 YLME Updated!

Among other summer projects, we have updated this site’s photo archive from the Your Language My Ear 2019. Take a look if you want to be transported to what feels like a different era!



Translations of Dmitry Kuzmin from YLME 2019 in latest issue of Matter

Check out the latest issue of Matter for an interesting selection of new translations of Russian poetry, including translations of two poems by Dmitry Kuzmin completed at YLME 2019 by Michael Wachtel, Charles Bernstein, Leonid Schwab, Katherine O’Connor, James McGavran , Catherine Ciepiela, Matvei Yankelevich, Katherine O’Connor, and Pavel Khazanov. We are also glad to see that the editors, Larissa Shmailo and Philip Nikolayev, included a new and publicly accessible translation of Aleksandr Skidan’s important manifesto “Theses Toward the Politicization of Art.”

New publication of translations of Skidan, products of YLME 2015!

So happy to announce publication of James McGavran’s
translations of three poems by Alexander Skidan in the most recent issue of the Kenyon Review Online. This was work that began at YMLE 2015!

Dissolution’s melancholy guard,
in the ruins of a park
he spread open the knees of madness: to paste together with spit
the barrage of the spindle, the timid stand of heather. …

Visit the Kenyon Review Online for more!

Public Event Tomorrow

Our first public event will be a screening of Keti Chukhrov’s dramatic video work, Communion, at 4pm this Friday, at Princeton University. The event is free and open to the public.

Welcome to YLME 2019

Hello all! We’re so excited for the first day of the 3rd Your Language My Ear Russian-English poetry translation symposium! Check out the pages of this site for more information about all the upcoming programming, as well as the updated list of symposium participants on our bio page. Let the fun begin!

Keti Chukhrov to participate in YLME 2019!

We are so pleased to announce that Keti Chukhrov will participate in YLME 2019. Please check the participant bios for more information about her work!


Sad News: Aleksandr Skidan Will Not be Participating in YLME2019

We are sad to announce that Aleksandr Skidan will not be able to attend YLME this year. We hope to see him at YLME IV!

Announcing Featured Russian-language Poets for YLME 2019!

We are so pleased to announce the featured Russian-language poets for Your Language My Ear 2019, a recurring poetic translation symposium that will take place at Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania from March 13-20, 2019. Our guests for this iteration of the symposium include: Polina Barskova, Dmitry Kuzmin, Elena Mikhailik, Galina Rymbu, Leonid Schwab, and Aleksandr Skidan. Bios and links to the poets’ works are available on the Participant Bios page of this site. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates as the symposium approaches!


Welcome to the site for “Your Language My Ear,” a Russian–English poetry translation symposium that takes place at the University of Pennsylvania, and which in the coming year will also include events at Princeton University. On this site you will find information about upcoming events, archives of past events, and resources concerning contemporary Russian poetry in English translation. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and information about this year’s symposium.

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