Bertrand Donnio

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Bertrand Donnio
<div class="flL"><img class="imagecache imagecache-vsite_design_portrait_logo alignleft" title="Bertrand Donnio, Ph.D." src="" alt="Bertrand Donnio, Ph.D." width="140" height="180" /></div> <h2 class="title">Bertrand Donnio, Ph.D.</h2> Visiting Scientist, Former Members <p class="terms terms-inline">in</p> <p class="terms terms-inline">Former Members</p> <div class="content"> <a href="">email</a> <hr /> &nbsp; <!--more-->2010-Present Director of Research, CNRS 2009-2010 Habilitation to Conduite Research (HDR), University of Strasbourg, France 1999-2009 Research Fellow CNRS IPCMS, France 1998-1999 Post-doctoral Fellow, H. Finkelman Lab, Institute fur Chemie Makromolekulare, University of Freiburg, Germany 1997 Post-doctoral Fellow, D.W. Bruce Lab, University of Exeter, United Kingdom 1996-1997 Post-doctoral Fellow, R. Deschenaux Lab, Institute of Chemistry of Neuchatel, Switzerland 1996 Ph.D., University of Sheffield, United Kingdom 1991 B.S. Physics and Chemistry, University of Rennes, France </div> &nbsp;

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