Sarah Named 2017-2018 Dean’s Scholar

Sarah Wolf was named 2017-2018 Dean’s...

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Tianyi’s paper published!

Tianyi’s paper “Birefringent Stable...

Yi-Chih Successfully Defended His Doctoral Thesis

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Fakhraai Group

Our group is interested in studying the effect of nano-confinement on structure, dynamics, and other physical properties of materials. Materials behave differently on surfaces, interfaces or small length scales compared to their bulk properties.  Understanding such differences are crucial in many technological applications where materials are constrained in nanometer size spaces, such as coatings, organic electronics, polymer applications, and drug delivery. One can take advantage of such difference to produce novel materials, such as stable vapor-deposited glasses or harvest light for various applications. In biological systems, most of the dynamics happens in nanometer size proximity of surfaces and interfaces, and understanding the properties in confinement is a key in predicting function. We focus our efforts on understanding the origins of such modified properties on a fundamental level as well as possible application of such phenomena in producing novel materials or experimental tools.

Available positions:

Graduate and Undergraduate Students: Our research is multi-disciplinary. We are looking for talented and motivated students from a broad range of expertises and backgrounds. Physical and organic chemists, physicists, and material scientists and engineers are welcome to join.