Working Papers

Clustering for Multi-Dimensional Heterogeneity
Joint with Xu Cheng (Penn) and Peng Shao (Penn)
Preliminary Version: November, 2019

Online Estimation of DSGE Models
Joint with Michael Cai (Northwestern), Marco Del Negro (FRB New York), Edward Herbst (Federal Reserve Board), Ethan Matlin (FRB New York), and Reca Sarfati (FRB New York)
Available as PIER Working Paper 19-014
This version: July 2019

Heterogeneity and Aggregate Fluctuations
Joint with Minsu Chang (UPenn) and Xiaohong Chen (Yale)
Preliminary version: October, 2018

Forecasting With a Panel Tobit Model
Joint with Laura Liu (Federal Reserve Board) and Hyungsik Roger Moon (USC)
(Very) Preliminary Version: March 2018

Financial Support from the National Science Foundation under Grant SES 1851634 is gratefully acknowledged.